From donating non-perishables to the pantry or hosting a food drive to helping tend and harvest at the farm and garden, we have many ways to get involved with the Field and Fork Program! If you have any questions or want more information after reading the information below, please email

The Farm and the Gardens are a great place to learn the art and science of growing your own food! We also grow food for those in need as part of our efforts. Students can come out one time, or become a regular member of our team and get a share of our harvest! We would love to have new volunteers and members, and encourage you to join us in the fields! You can see our workdays and times on our Calendar.

For more information on volunteering or joining the garden, please email Claudie Babineaux –


Many clubs participate with our program, through the gardens, hosting food drives or volunteering with the pantry or through events and programs.

The Gator Gardening Club is the club that coordinates with our staff to oversee the Student Garden and helps manage the production system from beginning to end – planting, nurturing, and, harvesting all crops.

If your club would like to host a food drive for the pantry, please fill out the form HERE. If you would like to participate with the garden, please contact Claudie Babineaux –

Gator Gardening Club – Click here for their Facebook.

Culinary Arts Student Union – Click here for their Facebook.

Agronomy-Soils Club – Click here for their Facebook.

Organic and Sustainable Agricultural Club – Click here for their Facebook.

UF Dietetics

Ethnoecology Society




Do you need to complete an internship or research for your major? Looking for a way to gain more experience in farming or food systems? Looking for a work study opportunity? Field and Fork offers many opportunities to gain professional, hands-on experience for any major. If you are interested in an internship, please contact Sarah Bostick – for more information. Please be sure to indicate the semester(s) you hope to work.



There are many classes taught at the Farm and Gardens in a host of different disciplines. There is also a Practicum course that is offered regularly.

Current Classes:

ALS 4932 – Urban Agriculture and Food Systems

Past Classes:

* ART 4639 Advanced Experiments in Art and Technology

* ART 6933 Consumption, Production, Digestion, Excretion: Graduate Seminar in Art and Technology

* ANT 6930/4930 Tropical Gardens: Creating a Latin American Garden

* ARC Design Studio – Design/Build Project Garden Seating Area

* ALS 4932 – UF Community Farm Practicum

* EVS 3000L – Environmental Science Lab

* PLS 2003 Plants that Feed the World

* PLS 3004C Principles of Plant Science

* PLS 4601C Principles of Weed Science

* AGR 3501 Environment, Food, and Society

* AGR 4212 Alternative Cropping Systems

* AGR 4214C Applied Field Crop Production

* AGR 4231 Forage Science

* AGR 4320 Plant Breeding

* ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology

* ALS4932 UF Community Farm Practicum

* SWS 4602C Soil Physics

* AGR 4932 Tropical Crop Production

* AEC 4504 Curriculum & Program Planning for Agricultural Education

* PLS 6655 Plant/Herbicide Interactions

* AGR 6442C Physiology of Agronomic Plants