Our Mission

The UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Field & Fork Campus Food Program works to provide opportunities for collaboration and learning in sustainable agriculture and food systems. Core parts of this program include the Field & Fork Farm and Gardens and the Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry, where students get the opportunity to grow food in a production setting and help provide healthy, fresh food to those in need.

Through Field & Fork, people can take courses and participate in activities that explore many facets of food systems, from horticultural practices and food security, to consumption and nutrition. The program also works with faculty, local organizations, and businesses to enhance opportunities for students to apply their education in real world contexts through internships and research.

Focal Areas

Teaching and Experiential Learning
We provide opportunities to connect classroom learning with hands-on experiences. Our Program supports faculty in developing interdisciplinary and experiential teaching techniques, and helps connect the dots from the field all the way to the plate, and beyond.

Production and Food Security
We grow about 3-4 tons of fresh food annually in our intensive production fields. Produce from the farm and gardens provides nutritious food to our UF Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Pantry, to assist members of our campus community experiencing food insecurity.

Research and Demonstration
Our spaces serve as a space for undergraduate and graduate research efforts for agroecology, nutrition, and culture. The sites are used for programming to address critical economic, ecological, and social challenges for our food systems.

Student Engagement and Leadership
Students participate through volunteering, interning, taking classes, leading teams, and developing creative new projects. These experiences enhance critical thinking and leadership skills, and offer the opportunity to learn about producing food for themselves and those in need.

Community and Healthy Lifestyles
The Program connects UF with the local community through efforts such as the Gator Community Supported Agriculture program, volunteer days, cooking demonstrations, k-12 school programming, and community project partnerships.

For information on how you can get involved, please contact Kelli Brew.