The Field & Fork Program offers internships every semester for students looking for work experience, college credit, or the chance to explore the practical and applied components of our food system. Interns have the opportunity to network with community organizations and industry partners, and to work in the field learning all aspects of producing food for the Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Pantry on campus.

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2019, but if you’re interested in a Spring 2020 internship, please feel free to get a jump on the announcement and apply with your resume and the Field & Fork Application, and send it to

The following internships have been filled for the Fall 2019 Semester.

  • Compost: Hone and manage an efficient composting process on-site to feed farm soils.
  • Harvest: Oversee harvest, post-harvest processing, and delivery to Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Pantry.
  • Gleaning: Work with local farmers and food banks to pilot-test a cutting-edge food waste reduction program.
  • Propagation: Held establish and manage a greenhouse to grow seedlings for the farm.
  • Outreach: Develop and conduct an engaging and fun social media and outreach campaign.
  • LA Urban Farms: Work with industry partners to manage vertical grow towers around campus.
  • Cooking Class Student Leaders: Work with FSHN faculty to develop and teach recipes for international cuisines.