Cultural Food Connection

Thank you to all who joined the UF Global Food Systems Institute and Field & Fork in celebrating and tasting flavors from around the world!

Feel free to try your hand at recreating these delicious and meaningful dishes shared by our UF community!

1. Greek Roasted Vegetables

“The recipe is inspired by Briam, a Greek roasted vegetable dish. I chose this dish because the roasted vegetables remind me of my Yiayia (Greek for grandmother) and her friend Georgia, both hardworking women who would always offer me a warm plate of food and an even warmer hug.” – Contributed by Isabel Yianilos, Sophomore Environmental Science Major.

2. Chinese Peanut Sesame Noodles

“I chose to make peanut sesame noodles because they hold a lot of nostalgic value for me. I used to spend summers in Shanghai, and cold noodles were a common dish served to beat the heat. My mom taught me this recipe, and I thought it’d be perfect for this challenge because it is affordable and easy to make!” – Contributed by Mulan Yin, Sophomore Biology Major.

3. Nigerian Fried Rice

“Nigerian fried rice is a popular delicacy in my country Nigeria, eaten mostly at celebrations, and its my favorite food. There are various methods of making it but I love this one most. I learnt this recipe from my Mom and every time I make it, it is always a hit. I hope you enjoy it too!” – Contributed by Glory Esohe Okpiaifo, PhD Student, Food and Resource Economics Department.

4. Costa Rican Gallo Pinto

“Costa Rican diet consists of a lot of white rice and cooked beans. So, the leftovers from the day before are used in this amazing recipe for breakfast. I wanted to use rice and the can of black beans I got from the pantry and thought this staple recipe from Costa Rica would be great to make. Being an international student, there is nothing like flavors from home. ” – Contributed by Caroline Huguenin, PhD candidate in the Geography Department.

5. Venezuelan Sweet Potato Arepas

Contributed by Sophia Acevedo, Junior Dietetics and Nutritional Science Major.

More Recipes!

While we couldn’t make all the recipes into to-go bags, we received more delicious and thoughtful contributions that we are excited to share!