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Thanks for your interest in helping out! We are not accepting volunteers this summer.

However, if you’re interested in volunteering this fall, please fill out this FALL VOLUNTEER request form, and we’ll get back to you with the list of opportunities when the semester starts.

The Field & Fork Program is a great place to learn the art and science of growing your own food through hands-on experiences, and to explore your local food systems!

  • To volunteer at the Farm and Gardens, fill out the form above.
  • After you have volunteered for five sessions (~10 hours), we will discuss the next step of training. Team Leaders can organize and lead volunteer days for their groups, clubs, or regularly scheduled volunteer sessions. All volunteers get to take a share of the harvest home with them!
  • To volunteer at the Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry, to learn about the operations of a pantry and help with inventories and stocking shelves, or host a food drive, click here.
  • To help harvest excess produce from local farms (gleaning!) for distribution at the pantry, sign up for the fall volunteer sheet above, and indicate your interest in gleaning!


Do you need to complete an internship or research for your major? Are you looking for a way to gain more experience in farming or food systems? Searching for a work study opportunity? The Field & Fork Program offers many opportunities to gain professional, hands-on experience for any major. Please visit the internships page for more information.


Many clubs participate with our program by helping in the Farm and Gardens, hosting food drives, or volunteering with the Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Pantry. Some groups work with us to host or collaborate on events and programs, such as:

If your club would like to host a food drive for the Pantry, visit the Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Pantry site. If you would like to participate with the Gardens, please contact Dina Liebowitz.


Spring 2022! Sign up for our ALS 4914 Project Teams Research: Exploring Diversified Farms, in collaboration with our community partner Working Food, for a hands-on course on the farm!

Many classes are taught in collaboration with the Field & Fork Program in a host of different disciplines. Below are some examples of past courses. For more information on current classes being taught in collaboration with the Field & Fork Program, check out our Facebook page, or visit the Classes page.

Example Classes:

  • AEC 4504 Curriculum & Program Planning for Agricultural Education
  • ALS 4932 Urban Agriculture and Food Systems
  • AGR 3501 Environment, Food, and Society
  • AGR 4212 Alternative Cropping Systems
  • AGR 4214C Applied Field Crop Production
  • AGR 4231 Forage Science
  • AGR 4320 Plant Breeding
  • AGR 4932 Tropical Crop Production
  • AGR 6442C Physiology of Agronomic Plants
  • ANT 6930/4930 Tropical Gardens: Creating a Latin American Garden
  • ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology
  • ALS 4932 UF Community Farm Practicum
  • ARC Design Studio – Design/Build Project Garden Seating Area
  • ART 4639 Advanced Experiments in Art and Technology
  • ART 6933 Consumption, Production, Digestion, Excretion: Graduate Seminar in Art and Technology
  • EVS 3000L Environmental Science Lab
  • PLS 3004C Principles of Plant Science
  • SWS 4602C Soil Physics